swhacker broadheads

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swhacker broadheads

Post by schott » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:07 pm

anyone using the three blade swhacker broadheads

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Re: swhacker broadheads

Post by papabear1 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:03 am

I have been shooting them for about 4 years now ,and have never had a bit of problems with them, I shoot the 120grn. 1 1/4" cut . they shoot same as field points ,and do a tremendous amount of damage, makes for easy tracking.
deer usually go down within 20-30 yds. or less depending on shot placement.
But I do recommend changing the bands every year ! always buy fresh ones and keep them in a air tight container,
and out of the sun.

Dave :wink:
oh btw I shoot the 2 blade. :wink:
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Re: swhacker broadheads

Post by tomcat » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:32 am

They do a great job on deer, and as said will group alongside field points out to 50 yds with no perceptible difference on true arrows. I've found they are lethal on deer and work fantastic and have but one CON..They are a disposable head. Once the head impacts anything harder than a soft foam target, such as bone, they will bend because of aluminum ferrule and the leverage on it's long design with minimal support. The blade cavity often crushes inward or the head is bent off of center when contacting even rib bones.
They are inexpensive enough to simply replace, in fact the entire head is about the same price you'd pay for replacement blades so kind of a moot point.
I've had a couple of these that were reusable but still not as true as they were originally and would've required new blades..I just throw them out and replace the whole head instead of just the blades.

Speaking of the blades, This I feel is the head's strength over Rage heads. These blades are pretty sharp(not as good as NAP's but still decent)and the big diff is that they bend rather than break or shear off like Rage blades at high impact speeds. My experience with Rage leaves me to believe they are over-tempered to strengthen blade and retain sharpness, but break rather than bend when side forces are put upon them. To prove this, take a pair of pliers and bend a Rage blade and it will snap..The Swhacker will bend almost all the way over upon itself before breaking if it does break.
Just my .02 but Swhacker is a better head than the Rage.
The bands are simply shrink tubing from Lowes sliced thin with razor blade and then slid over and heat shrunk with lighter. 1 pack of HS tubing is 5$ and makes about 500 bands to whatever thickness you want...including 1/2" ones to sight in without deploying in target as a practice head...then change band and use same arrow and head with reg sized band for EXACT same POI to 50 yds..

They have advantages. I also like that head leaves 1" cut going in and large 2" cut on way out. This assures penetration no matter what.
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