different fletching locations

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different fletching locations

Post by littlekitch » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:22 pm

While practising with my phoenix the other day my first shot for the season was perfectand my second arrow was low and to the left an inch and a half.My third arrow was to the right an inch and a half.I was using spitfire practise heads at 20 yards.Shot all 3 again and same thing.1st one right on etc.The first arrow was one of 3 older arrows i'd used last fall.the others were late fall purchases.All Excalibur fire bolts.Upon examining them the fletchings on the older ones were 1- 5/16 from the end of the shaft and the newer ones were 13/16 from the end.I had 2 more older ones the same as the first and on trying them at 20 and 30 yards they were right on.For turkeys I'm going with the older ones and after that I guess i'll reset bow scope for newer ones in fall?checked local bow shop and the newer 20" ones are right measurements for Excalibur arrows.the older ones were fletched while I waited at another bow shop at the time as they had none made up.But boy are they accurate! Just a fluke? KITCH

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Re: different fletching locations

Post by paulaboutform » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:56 am

There are many variables to explain your groups. The stock arrows aren't like matched arrows and are made for hunting accuracy. For me, and many of us, I want my hunting arrows to be precision pinpoint accurate. That being said, your shop fletched arrows may have been a slightly different length, different fletching, etc.. Also, arrows from a different lot may have a slightly different weight or spine. Something you can do is try using the different vanes as your cock vane to see if you can get them to impact the same or at least closer together.


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Re: different fletching locations

Post by vixenmaster » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:05 pm

Post above is good info. You may have to mark n turn the arrows to see how close they hit yer target dot. I prefer my vanes to not be touchin the scope mount, but its jus me. I also make sure that all my arrows will hit into a 3" group at what ever yardage i feel i am very comfortable shootin. I can hear those give voice to my 3" group, i am fine wid it. I shoot 60 yards all of my arrows will be inside a 3" circle wid my B-Heads. I let my huntin area show me my killin yardage, some stands its very thick n my shots be less than 20 yds. Other stands may let me get a good clear shot at 50 yds
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