Excalibur Broadheads

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Excalibur Broadheads

Post by elkaholic » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:18 pm

guess my question about the new X-Act 100 gr.

from all I've read the 150 gr bolt cutter has impeccable bragging rights for not only down range accuracy but penetration -- mostly due to fix blade design and weight

why come out with a light mechanical ?

longbow joe
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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by longbow joe » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:21 pm

I have killed a lot of deer and 2 bear with the boltcutter its as good as gold. But i have moved to the mechanical spitfire because it flys EXACTLY like a fieldpoint and has a more important wider cut that improves a bloodtrail significantly. l have used them for ten years many kills also. As in a previous post at an estate sale this spring l bought 6 packs of brand new exact cut heads for $20 bucks.... they are as wide as my spitfires and seem very well built these heads are pricey compared to others . I am looking forward to using them this fall l will report what l find. Others experiences all seem positive so l am confident they will work as my spitfires or thell end up in the trading post .lbj (excalibur claims they made the xact cut for those that want a 100 grain head for speed and accuracy that dont open up with a fast crossbow. )
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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by Boo » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:38 pm

The Xact has been around for quite a while. They offer it because some people don't want to give up the speed loss form an extra 50 grains.
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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by jd4223 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:10 pm

I bought my nephew an Excal Grizzly and gave him 6 Excal BoltCutters(150grn. He shoots 50 yard bullseyes off a cheap bench rest. He cannot aim at the same spot if he shoots a second arrow because he will split the first arrow. No reason to even think about using a different broadhead with results like that!

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Ferguson Outfitters
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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by Ferguson Outfitters » Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:57 pm

They work, nuthin to write home about. I think they work better on cross lung shots. My typical boltcutter cross lung shot I retrieve the bolt and the animal walks 15 steps and falls over.

I find the standard recommended Excalibur stuff to be very accurate though.

That speed loss and string noise crap is overrated at 60 yards and under.

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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by Bullzeye » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:51 pm

As Don said, they been around for quite a while, I shot my first Xbow deer with one. The POI was also very close to my FP's.
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Re: Excalibur Broadheads

Post by Trigger1212 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:32 pm

I've been a fan of mechanicals for many a year, primarily the NAP Spitfire. I started out using them for my vert bow for several reasons:

1. Was having trouble tuning my arras to fly well at distances over 30 yards. Was a newbie and the fixed blades were driving me nut. Tried the spitfires and presto, instant improvement in accuracy.

2. I could practice with the exact spitfire I was going to hunt with, all I had to do was pull the blades and replace them with non-deploying practice blades. Loooove that feature, instills a ton of confidence. AND it does not tear up your target!

3. As stated by a previous poster, will fly to almost the exact same POI as your field tips.

4. Reuseable! After hitting a deer you can pull the blades and resharpen them and put them back in. At one point I marked my spitfire head and the arrow it was on. I ended up using it on something like 10 deer before one rolled over on it and broke the arra, put the head on another arra and shot some more deer before I hit a stone smack dab in the middle on a pass through. That was the end of that Spitfires run but it was impressive while it lasted. Granted it would have been easier to just purchase new replacement blades and screw them on but I took perverse pleasure of taking the blades off, straightening them if necessary, clamping them in my lansky knife sharpner and putting a new edge on them. Only other thing you had to do was pull the little retaining spring "clip" and pushing the "bump" back out that actually retains the blades in flight, easy to do.

5. Dang things work and do great damage on any tick-toter that should come along, including slicing through ribs on the way in and the way out.

6. Another big one in favor of the spitfire, no rubberbands needed to hold the blades in place prior to hitting the tick-toter. I really like this about the spitfire.

6. And finally as it pertains to crossbows and probably most importantly, many CBers like to build their own arras. They feel that a custom arra will perform better than the typical Excalibur Bolts. NOOOOOO problem with the Exclaibur bolts but if you run them you ARE reliaively limited on the broad heads you can use (150 gr). Most guys/gals that build their own arras will start with a shaft that is actually lighter than the Excal bolts but they will end up using a brass insert on the head to significantly increase the weight on the front of the shaft where it does the most good AND this allows you to use heads in the 100 grain range where there is a LOT more selection.

I think Excalibur is just trying to capture some of the broadhead market for CBers who make their own arras and want/need to use a lighter head.

Also of note, one thing that a lot of people are a littler cherry about when it comes to using mechanicals on CBs is they are afraid that with the abrupt acceleration of their arras the mechinals may deploy the blades at launch which would/could affect arra flight. I can say I've never experienced this with my Equinox or my Matrix 355, someone shooting a faster bow my say different, YMMV.

If excal has made a broad head you can pretty much bet the farm that they will not prematurely deploy.

That's my .02!


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