Illinois Crossbow Regulations

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Illinois Crossbow Regulations

Post by ads1 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:31 pm

If I am reading correctly the Illinois DNR has dropped the maximum draw weight from the current regulations.

Hunting With Crossbows
Archery hunters have the option of using a
crossbow during certain dates (see below).
Specific crossbow hunting requirements remain
in effect for a portion of the season. Only those
hunters who are eligible to use a crossbow due
to disability, or are age 62 or older, and youth
hunters with a youth hunting license and
archery deer permit (see crossbow eligibility
requirements pages 17 & 34). However, beginning
the second Monday following Thanksgiving
until the close of archery deer season, all
hunters, regardless of age or disability, may use
a crossbow to hunt for any species of wildlife
that can be legally taken by bow.
Crossbows used in hunting shall:
a) have a minimum draw weight of 125.
b)have a minimum overall length (from butt
of stock to front of limb) of 24 inches.
c) have a working safety.
d)be used with fletched bolts or arrows
of not less than 14 inches in length (not
including point).
e) use broadheads that may have fixed (must
be metal or flint-, chert- or obsidiannapped)
or expandable blades (must be
metal), but they must be a minimum 7/8
inch diameter when fully opened.
f) NOT use electronic tracking systems utilizing
radio telemetry. Note: On state-owned
and -managed hunting areas flu-flu arrows
must be used for taking upland game.

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Re: Illinois Crossbow Regulations

Post by papabear1 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:40 am

My daughter inlaw is excited about using a crossbow she is only 5'1" and can't draw a compound heavy enough to hunt with, now she can hunt with my son and enjoy what she has been wanting to do since they were married :)

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Re: Illinois Crossbow Regulations

Post by Predator55 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:07 pm

Looks like your correct in your reading, no weight limit.

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