Barnett Crossbows-Opions please!

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Barnett Crossbows-Opions please!

Post by Tommy-SKIL-Figure » Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:17 am

My couzin fired my Exocet 200 on the weekend and absolutley fell in love! I think I have converted him from rifles to crossbows without even saying a word because the bows performance spoke for itself!

He called me just a little while ago asking me about a Barnett Revolution XS crossbow that he saw for sale in a bow hunting magazine. It has a 160# draw and it says that it can propell a 22' bolt 340fps. I checked these figures on the Barnett website and they held true. Seems like a good quality bow and when I made my decision on what bow to get it was between the Exocet and Revolution XS. What pretty much made my decision was that x-bow hunting is very obsolite sport in South Australia and I figured repairs for cams and parts would definately not be something I would want to worry about but are there cams for bows that are universal and will fit bows and crossbows?

Is anyone here farmiliar with Barnett crossbows? What are they like on accuracy and reliability? What I am asking is, if you had to sell me a Barnett, what would you tell me about it.

But please be brutal in scrutany because I want honest two sided views on Barnetts here!

I know I can trust a lot of people on here who know a lot about x-bow hunting so thats why I have presented this post on the excalibur website as opposed to a neutral brand name x-bow hunting website!

Any opinions would be fantastic!

Jim C
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Post by Jim C » Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:45 am

I have owned a few barnetts-mostly back in the pre excalibur days. At one time they were pretty good bows-sort of like Bear Archery -but they then became the "Walmart" brand bow and the quantities trumped quality.

I had an original commando-great bow fishing rig. I put a light prod on it and its ok for fun indoor target stuff. I had one of those little 75 pound ranger recurves-the trigger failed after about 100 shots

I had three RHINOS-won one, got one from the store where I was pro staff and got another at a bankruptcy closing sale. Sold two, kept one-very good bow-no problems with the trigger or the bow.

I tend to steer people away from Barnetts because I have examined the triggers and I don't see the quality nor the strength that I see in some of the other brands. Barnetts tend to be "most bang for the buck" in terms of speed but to me reliability is most important in a hunting crossbow.
I wouldn't buy one now.
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Post by hatchet jack » Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:17 am

i have 5 barnetts in my family,,, 2 revolution sx---1 revolution --- 1 ranger-- 1 rc150,,,, the revolution sx is a great bow my b.inlaw has killed 7 deer & several turkeys with it & never had any trouble with it. i shoot the rc 150 & love it.

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Post by Moxie » Tue Apr 04, 2006 12:28 pm

Tommy,,,,,, I have two Barnett Quad 300's. The triggers are a 4 to 5 pound pull. The scope set up is tricky if you use the Barnett scope and rings. You need to be very aware as to how the rings are put on or you will use up all the windage and still not be on target. The screws to tighten the rings to the rail need to be in the left side of the rail before the scope is put on. I've fire both aluminum and carbon bolts and have converted to carbon. An aluminum bolt does 337.5 feet per second through my chronograph. I have not put a cobon bolt through the chronograph yet but do know they fly straighter and faster. The support from Barnett is excellent. I had the bolt holder breal and called Barnetts USA and had the replacement is less than a week. I've shot one 2x3 buck with it and missed a spike the first year I had it, and I've had it for three years now. It was what I caould afford at the time and I' would make the same decission again. it shoots well, handles well, and does its job well when the shooter does everything right.

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Post by shurite44 » Fri Apr 07, 2006 9:47 pm

My first crossbow was a barnett revolution. Shot very hard, was as accurate as the shooter I would say. I had problems with the heavy trigger pull and how front heavy the crossbow was. But believe me, it does shoot hard. I now have a 200 lbs exomag and it definitely would bury the bolts in my block target 2-3 inches deeper than the excal.

I bought a used exomag 200 lbs draw. I would rate the barnett a 6 and the exomag a 10 on a ten point type scale for quality and accuracy. The barnett shoots harder but it is not in the same class as an excal in the quality department..

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Post by awshucks » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:28 pm

Think you wqill be happier w/ Excal, 10 pt Horton in that order, just my HMO.
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