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Woody Williams
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ATA show

Post by Woody Williams » Fri Jan 11, 2008 2:36 pm

Lots of hunting “celebrities” at the ATA show.

As soon as I walked through the entrance door into the hall I bumped into Myles Keller. I had not seen Myles in a couple years so we spent about 15 minutes catching up. He said that he didn’t kill any deer last year; he said that he spent enough time in Kansas to almost be a resident. He did say that they glassed a buck on ground next to where they hunt that was “the biggest buck that he had ever seen”. I asked him if that meant it was a 200 class buck and he said,” I’m talking world record class”. Knowing Myles I believe him.

No picture of Myles as he is somewhat shy on that stuff.

Other “hunting celebrities that I saw was Harold Knight, Randy Ulmer, Jay Gregory, Bill Troubridge, Chuck Adams, Jimmy Houston :roll: , Lee and Tiffany Laskosky.

My son wanted his picture taken with Tiffany, but backed out when we got over there.


Lots of big antlered deer. Most were repros though.


This one is the famous “Amish Buck” from Ohio. It was displayed in the Horton booth,.


The Hoyt booth…


PSE was out in “force”..


The PSE X Force Super Short was something else. Sorry did not get a picture of it.

The Bowtech booth


The Limbsaver booth. Very interesting bows..



Bear Archery new The Truth II limbs. The limbs are no bigger around that your little finger. They do flare on the tips.


The American Whitetail Archery Target booth. The fellow in the black shirt standing in the front is the elk record holder for Idaho.


The firing line where you could shoot any manufacturer’s bow


Pearson has a new bow called Deliverance that has a rangefinder built in. Yoi u sight in on the deer and the rangefinder will tell you what yardage. You then use the appropriate red dot form the three. The range finder also has scanning ability so if the deer is approaching the range finder will change to give you the correct yardage. That is the oblong opening at the top. The round opening is the rest that is true center shot. It can take either a drop away or a Whisker Biscuit. With different cams the bow can go from right to left-handed. 318 FPS IBO.


Some of the crowd.. Kind of sparse, but it was due to pick up Friday and Saturday. Thursday is the day to go and not fight the crowds.



Lots of new ones. The crossbow market is the biggest growing market in archery.

Eastman has entered the crossbow market.


TenPoint was there with their new lineup of Phantom Extra and their two new recurves.


Excalibur was showing off the 25 year anniversary model - the Y25 Relayer. Very nice.


Interesting “backwards” crossbows. I found all of them a bit unwieldly in handling..

This manufacturer was the original. Sorry, but the name escapes me.


This is the Horton “backwards crossbow”. The adjustable stock and fore arm was nice.


A Russian made version.

Leopro Armcross


I went by to check out the Middleton crossbow at their booth and they weren' there. What I mean is the booth was show?

On the way out of town.. The new Colt’s stadium under construction. It is BIG..


We buzzed through pretty quick. Total time there including lunch at the Marriot (Thanks Al Rinehart) was 6 hours. Next year I’m going back for two days to spend more time looking, asking questions and just general BSing.
Woody Williams

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Post by Digger » Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:08 pm

Thanks for a great report on the show Woody,good number of xbows and great pictures. Thanks for everything.
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Post by DropTine » Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:38 pm

Thats awesome! My buddies were there, they were running the Whitetail World booth.
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Post by Farmer » Fri Jan 11, 2008 8:31 pm

Great report Woody .My friends from Monster bow are at the show can hardly wait to hear what they have to report .

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Post by wabi » Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:21 pm

Did you handle the Horton "backwards" crossbow?
Just curious as to how it feels & "balances". Would it be a possibility for a small framed 7 year old to shoot?

Woody Williams
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Post by Woody Williams » Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:38 am

wabi wrote:Woody,
Did you handle the Horton "backwards" crossbow?
Just curious as to how it feels & "balances". Would it be a possibility for a small framed 7 year old to shoot?

I did and thought it to be unbalanced. It did have adjustability in the stock so one could shorten it up for a youngster.
Woody Williams

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Post by Rich » Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:55 am

Thanks Woody for the report, where are all the other pics of Tiffany. I believe I'd have spent all day at her booth. :lol: Kinda funny the Middleton guy didn't show, guess that speaks huge words for his reputation.


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Post by saxman » Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:24 am

Great pictures,thanks for sharing.

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Re: ATA show

Post by Pydpiper » Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:00 am

Woody Williams wrote: I went by to check out the Middleton crossbow at their booth and they weren' there. What I mean is the booth was show?
Excellent review Woody! Almost felt like I was there, still terribly jealous though. :D Travel safe and keep us informed!
middletons booth wasn't empty, it was actually full, full of stuff he invented himself.
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Jim C
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Post by Jim C » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:53 am

I was there Friday and part of Saturday. Spent a fair amount of time talking to Dan Miller (sorry to hear that he lost a grandkid suddenly-no medical explanation yet). Great guy-tough loss. Talked to Bill about offering a front sight bracket on the APEX so that owners could easily add a serious (like a surelock or copper john) sight to the rig. The RELAYER looks really nice-the stock is very well made. I handled all the bows-I still prefer the non-thumbhole stock (the TH stock is a bit more difficult to flip the safety without moving your hand).

I shot the Ten Point recurve bow-the last time the show was in Indy, our friends Ann Clark and Ann Hoyt introduced Liz and I to the Ten Point bows (these grand dames of archery were hunting with Ten Points on their "Diana's" archery hunts for ladies) people and one of the TP guys asked me for recommendations and I told him how I preferred recurves :D

It wasn't too bad-light bow, the recoil and vibration wasn't bad. I didn't see a Middleton booth there-I did see the russian and horton backward bows (I shot the original version from Iowa 3 years ago) and some new brand of split limb xbow I cannot remember
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