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Re: NEW to Crossbows and Looking to Buy

Post by Boo » Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:02 pm

OhioXBowhunter wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 5:22 pm
Hey Don tell us more about that 400 TD hows the new limbs, hows it shoot. I’m looking for a take down and I’m up in the air with the 400 TD and the 340 TD and since I’ve bought my son an Axe now I’m looking hard at the 340 TD. I have not shot either yet but as soon as I find them in the shops I want to shoot them both.
I haven't had time to see how it does past 40 yards yet but at 40, it's just like any Excalibur, very accurate. I see no reason why it shouldn't be very good to 60 yards assuming you're shooting a good arrow. As I said earlier, it takes a good amount of effort to cock the 400 using the Charger.
The limb design corrects the sins of the past limbs. I haven't been in the limb making room but as I understand it, the mold produces 2 limbs at a time. It gets cut to produce 2 limbs, then drilled for the anchor, then camoed inhouse, then the tips are installed. I see no evidence of any grinding of the limbs. In the past, they ground the tip of the limb to allow for the tips to be installed and then a bit of grinding along the edges.
Any grinding allows for splinters. Just like a fishing rod, if you damage glass or carbon strands, that is where the rod will break. I am really quite confident in the limbs. Seeing the way the limbs are made give me some confidence when I see them bend way back when cocked. They sure store a whole lot of energy!
I've only shot mine about 50/60 times but if for some reason I had to replace it I would not hesitate one things for sure, if you buy one, you'd better have a Danny Miller arrow puller!
BTW, 18" arrows fit perfectly!
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Re: NEW to Crossbows and Looking to Buy

Post by OhioXBowhunter » Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:06 pm

Hey Don thanks for input haven’t had much time to get on forum lately I have checked with the local Cabelas and Field & Stream and have not had any luck finding any of the 400 TDs they don’t even have them listed on their site and inventory of Excalibur’s in general are low not sure if it’s because of this virus. I was hoping to get one by the end of the month with Excalibur’s special going on but may wait til fall now. Going to head over to Danny Miller’s in a couple of weeks I’ll check with him before I drive over there. Thanks again
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