Assassin 400 TD

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Assassin 400 TD

Post by -sro- »

I am looking to get the Assassin 400 TD. I am hoping to use this bow for target as well as hunting. My micro 335 and Assassin 360 really tear up servings very quickly.

I have read there is a way to polish the claw in the trigger mechanism. Has anyone done this on an assassin? Any input appreciated
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Re: Assassin 400 TD

Post by Hi5 »

Try this link...

There's a lot more than latch polishing, but look for that section.
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Re: Assassin 400 TD

Post by xcaliber »

I think you should understand that higher speed is most likely because of a steeper angle between limbs and trigger, this is the enemy of serving period. If the serving is done tightly with a material that will endure that condition great. If the latches have sharp edges, that is a contributing factor to failure, separation can be caused by several factors including over cocking your bow. Going up in speed will certainly go in the direction you want to avoid. JMHO.
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Re: Assassin 400 TD

Post by DuckHunt »

I'm approaching 500 shots on my 400 TD and have spent time polishing the latches on multiple occasions. I'm also pretty decent now at reserving strings. With all of the power being harnessed by this bow, I'm not sure all the polish in the world is going to overcome physics. It is very powerful bow and the the serving wear is indicative of the power. As xcaliber mentioned, as power goes up, and string angle, serving wear will certainly follow. You should expect more serving wear than what you experience on your 360.

As for shooting targets, it certainly has the accuracy and speed to reach way out there. I'd never attempted a 100 yard shot in the past. Once it was dialed in, it was impressive to me even at long range. I did have to upgrade targets though because it has a tendency to hit them very hard and digging out an arrow buried to the fletching is no fun at all. Even my bag target needed upgrading to one twice as thick.
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Re: Assassin 400 TD

Post by Boo »

I never considered my 400 TD for target shooting. Hunting yes! I think it is very much a hardcore hunting rig. But the frequency of reserving and target damage would make me shy away from the high number of shots when whacking away at targets. The trigger is another part of the bow not conducive to target shooting. It’s just not a target trigger. But it is a beast of a killer!
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