OT - Sad News

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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by DuckHunt »

That's sad news indeed. I'm sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by mr meat »

So sorry for your loss Wabi
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by munch »

Very sorry to here his
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by longbow joe »

Very Sorry for your loss
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Toyotun04 »

Very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Cardinalsfanforever »

so sorry for your loss.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Doe Master »

My condolences Mike to you and the family .
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by ihunt »

Yes very sad news indeed. My deepest sympathy for you and your family.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Bcxbow »

Sorry for your loss Mike.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by wheelie »

So sorry to hear. Much to young. Much love to your family.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by amythntr »

Mike….so sorry to hear this news….we are never, ever prepared to bury a child of ours….may the Lord give you and your entire family the peace that passes all understanding in this time of mourning….I hope you find solace in knowing she is not suffering anymore!
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by OhioXBowhunter »

I’m so sorry for your loss, you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Timbrhuntr »

Condolences on your great loss. Very, Very sad news !
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by Hi5 »

I've missed seeing your posts, and when i saw your handle, for a moment I was pleased. What sad news you bring.
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Re: OT - Sad News

Post by tremps01 »

My deepest condolences.

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