O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by grouse »

What a horrifying thing! I know that it made me feel anger and I bet you feel both anger and grief. We all feel for you.
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by Hi5 »

That was a tough post to read all the way through. Wish I could say something that would help.
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by Cardinalsfanforever »

sorry for your loss, Mike
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by onebigskittle »

Our fur babies become family and when we loose them it leaves a big empty place in our lives and routines.🥲 I'm sorry for your loss Mike
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by Carnivorous »

Sorry for your loss Mike.

My black lab left us in January and it still stings when I think of her!!! :(
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

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It is most sad days when our little furbabies pass no matter how it comes about
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

Post by one shot scott »

Sorry for loss VM. :(
When i was 14 i saw my german shep pup get hit on the road. She was lying in the ditch a real mess when i ran up to her. She was in pain and looking for something to bite and i gave her my hand. She passed shortly after. No fault of the drivers, at least she stopped and cared.

We had a choc Doberman, real sweet girl. I had my truck in my other driveway loading something up in the dark and went to pull it onto the road into my house driveway. as i pulled onto the road a second later i heard a thump. looked in my review mirror and the car that passed showed nothing strange. no brake lights etc . I thought nothing of it until i couldnt find my pup. turns out she was trotting behind me the whole time. That person knew what happened but kept on going.

They are more than just "pets" I literally spend 24 hours a day with my pup, I think your the same. They become part of ya. I refer to mine as my yellow shadow. I wish you healing during this time
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Re: O/T Rainbow Bridge Gussie

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Sorry to here Mike
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