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Post by Benny » Thu Sep 18, 2003 11:21 pm

My buddy has an exomag and uses the crankeroo. He has found that the string is wearing on the crankeroo and has had to buy a new string. He hasn't had it more thank six months. Is this normal for the crankeroo on an exomag? I have a Vixen & use the crankeroo and it doesn't show wear although I have had it over a year. We both however, are experiencing some problems that are the same with the crankeroo and that is that the ratchet or clicking noise doesn't always engage so there is the chance that if you let go of the handle it will give you a nasty wack on the knuckels. On the crankeroo for teh Vixen which appears to be an older version, the knob that you turn actually came right off and I have to continually screw it in each time I use it. Any body have any similar troubles or can anyone offer any solutions? I have arope cocking aid but I have a bad back. I had a 150lb Daco years ago and I was going to use it for deer but after cocking it I spent the next 8 weeks in the hospital in traction. Needless to say I wasn't long trading that bow in.

Leo in Ga
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Post by Leo in Ga » Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:16 am

Benny, the early string wear doesn't sound normal to me, but as I have a crankaroo that I rarely use, I can't really say :D

Have your friend call this #, 1 800 463 1817 , and "ask the experts", I guarentee he will get a straight answer from some very friendly and knowledgeable people :)


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Post by Digger » Fri Sep 19, 2003 11:13 am

I hadf the same problem with my crankeroo and was fixed but Bill T when we were at the Open House in June. The screw on the side of the crankeroo can come loose by the lever , try giving it a turn. if that doesn't work give Bill T a call and he can give you more info.
Use string wax on the crankeroo string,keeps it in shape. :D 8)
I now have a Acudraw on my Exocet, cost is double that of a crankeroo but works twice as well. If you would like to go to the Acudraw contact Dan Miller
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Post by SpartaJim » Fri Sep 19, 2003 4:56 pm

I now have a Acudraw on my Exocet, cost is double that of a crankeroo but works twice as well
I think a point of clarification needs to be made here to reflect that the "works twice as well" portion of Digger's statement are made because of the use of a cordless screwdriver to operate the AcuDraw, versus "elbow grease" to operate the Crankaroo.

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