Stock Weld Question

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Andy Prisco

Stock Weld Question

Post by Andy Prisco » Sat Oct 12, 2002 12:58 pm

OK's the first of a few questions, as promised. :D

While I'm not an accomplished rifle or crossbow shooter, I have read and heard alot about "stock weld", which is the business of mating your face (bone) to the stock of the weapon for a "bone bridge", or solid anchor if you will.

On my EXOMAG, if I plaster my cheekbone to the stock, my head seems too far over to the right and low to see through the aperture (I'm a right handed shooter). :shock:

What do you folks do to create a solid, repeatable posture with your Crossbow? :?: :idea: :?:


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Shooting Form

Post by 10Ring » Sat Oct 12, 2002 4:07 pm


I have shot crossbows and rifles years ago but got back into crossbows 2 and a bit years ago. Most of my shooting since 1970 has been Trap, Skeet and some Sporting Clays; not the best learning ground for good rifle/crossbow shooting technique.

I found I had to get the old rifle books out and read up on form very quickly. :oops:

One thing, you speak of "welding" and being solid but I'm not sure if you mean hanging on to the stock tightly and jamming your face hard into the stock. Anything I have read and my experience has indicated that a vise-tight grip is not the way to go for best shooting consistancy. I can't remember the group, title or year it came out but there's a line I remember from a song "hold on loosely...".

Here's what works for me, it's not my idea, i got it from a rifle shooting book published in the 1950's. This would be so much easier to "show and tell" in person! :)

For a right handed shooter;

Left arm; elbow at 6 O-clock or as close as you can comfortably get it under the fore end, support the fore end with your left hand with a lose, comfortable grip, do not push the butt back into your shoulder with your left hand.

Right arm; keep your elbow up slightly higher than your right shoulder (I keep it higher than I do when shooting trap), have your hand on the pistol grip, apply a little pressure with this hand to keep the but to your shoulder but don't grip it too tight. Squeeze the trigger with the part of your finger between the tip and the 1st joint.

Position the butt high enough on your shoulder that you can comfortably make contact with the stock, this should be postive contact but not any exadurated pressure.

Lay aim, I take a breath in then align my sights, and squeeze the trigger, then comes a very important part; follow through! Watch that bolt through your scope or sights until it hits the target. This will eliminate the "dreaded" tendancy to lift our head to watch the bolt fly, this is very detrimental to good shooting, as I know 1st hand all too well :?

Others will likely post who have different theories on this that works for them but I hope this is of some help.

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Post by araz2114 » Sat Oct 12, 2002 8:19 pm

Andy, you can purchase a stock "cheek piece" from Excalibur. They are very nice. Well they used to make them. I just went there and I didn't find them on the "Point Blank" crossbow. They can be made fairly easily out of wood. I also know someone that has put 2 layers of foam hot water pipe insulation on the top of the cheek piece and then put some sticky polar fleece on top. This really helped with how the bow felt on the face.

Good luck,
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Jim C
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Post by Jim C » Sat Oct 12, 2002 9:51 pm

I just shoot my hunting bows much like I shoot a ar-15-cheek along the top of the stock. for target, I have a couple PB's-one has the old cheek piece and one will get (tomorrow or monday) the new adjustable piece that is sold by the australian company known as AUSBOW (available from US #1 xbow archer William Pimm Jr [email protected]). I have a strange way of shooting an aperature sighted target excalibur. I lean my head up towards the aperature and put my jaw edge on the edge of the stock-almost where the slope starts(where the stock drops into the pistol grip). this is very repeatable and the other guy in Ohio (there are about 4 serious xbow target shooters in my area-we all have Point blancs though I shoot the Ausbow outside and at 25m indoor events) told me today at a tournament that he does the same thing-his pb has a home made cheekpiece)

Andy-is your company the one that sells the vietnam combat 'hawks I see in the cutlerly shoppe catalog?


Post by Guest » Sun Oct 13, 2002 2:49 pm

This is GREAT reading and I hope some more folks sound off.

Yes on the Cutlery Shoppe question.

Andy Prisco

Post by Andy Prisco » Sun Oct 13, 2002 2:50 pm

This is GREAT reading and I hope some more folks sound off.

Yes on the Cutlery Shoppe question.

Sorry for the double post...forgot to login.


Post by Bruce » Wed Oct 16, 2002 8:15 am

Anyone have a good solution fro extending the stock. There's not much at the end for screwing a recoil pad into, and the thin stock will make fitting a slip-on extender like the Pachmeyer a bit of a pain .... anyone done this before? .... anyone know of any commercial solutions?

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