WTB crankeroo or C2 Cranker

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WTB crankeroo or C2 Cranker

Post by ger34 »

Long story short
I have an older Exocet 200 and i am looking for a crack cocker for it.

Due to a slight mishap, i'm going to need one this year if i want to salvage any portion of my bow season.

So...#1...do i need a crankeroo? or the new C2 Cranker?

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Re: WTB crankeroo or C2 Cranker

Post by wheelsquad »

I found a C2 locally that I was going to sell to someone in need here...but my brother recently had his appendix removed so he needs to use it this year.

The C2's sure seem to be a lot harder to come by lately, and more expensive.

I've made a Charger EXT work on the old EXO bows, and it is a much better crank than the C2. All it takes is 2 holes drilled into the stock, and a longer cord. Danny Miller can get you the cord, and can advise you on how to do it (or message me and I can take some pics).
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