Dr Dan has been...

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Dr Dan has been...

Post by DrDan » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:11 am

Sick to death of politics and am so disgusted by left wing zealots that I have been staying away from any forums that deal with it.

My best friend passed in late November which broke my heart. Still miss the hell out of him, but I inherited his old boat. It is an '88 21.5' Bayliner Capri with a 230 HP I/O, trim tabs, nice cuddy cabin, new upholstery, etc. Me and my fishin bud Ern have been working on it ever since getting her all "cherried" out for walleye and perch fishing on Lake Erie. It's a great boat for an old guy like me. If I get tired can go down in the cuddy and take a nap. Been waiting for the weather to break so I can put her in the water and take the trailer over to an industrial coating guy for sandblasting and an epoxy coating. I think next week is the week to do it. Just makes me nervous though with the possibility of a cold snap, but the forcast looks good. Get the trailer done and then it is time to rub out the hull and clean the whole thing.

Yah I've heard the old tale, "A boat is just a hole in the water to throw money into" way to many times. Sometimes a guy just doesn't care about mpney. I have wanted a deep Vee that can take the waves on Lake Erie for some time and this is it.

Have to add all the electronics. Looking at a Humminbird down and side imaging finder. Anyone have any experience with them? Also have to put marine VHF radio in it and even thinking about radar for night trolling. Just have to find one cheap on eBay.

So that's it for Dr Dan. About half retired and enjoying the hell out of life. I don't pay any attention to politics anymore. It just brings me down so I'm concentrating on things that are fun for me like filling the freezer with perch and walleyes. When the blue helmets show up on my property there will be a hell of a gunfight and then I'll be dead. Rather go that way than in a rest home with some bitch wiping my ass for me.

So have fun guys - I'll check in every once in awhile.

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Re: Dr Dan has been...

Post by frisky » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:23 pm

Retirement is easy to get used to. :D Take care Dr. Dan.
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Re: Dr Dan has been...

Post by sumner4991 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:54 pm

That's a great plan Dr. Dan. Wishing you the best!
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