First mature buck

This area is for all pictures taken in previous and current hunting seasons.
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ageless mind
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First mature buck

Post by ageless mind » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:39 am

The harvest of the deer started saturday evening. I stand 1 location do to the wind forecast. Upon entering my stand, the wind direction was coming from the east instend of the forecasted SW. Not a strong wind but a slight breeze still send my scent right into the path of any deer coming out of the swamp.
In prayer im asking the Lord for direction, all other stands were not my first choice. Well the answer i got was stronger winds and i began falling asleep in the tree.
Its now 5p and the next best stand is a 45min walk but i started walking and was reminded of another stand that was used twice last year by a friend that, he did not see a deer from it. By roughly 520p i was in stand, S wind with occasional swirl, at 610p i had 6 doe arrive, ready to harvest a nice mature doe the wind swirls and i just said thank you for showing up. So the evening went on and wouldnt ya know it, right at last shooting light i see a deer walking up a clearing and see that its a small 6.
Well he hears the stand creek as i position myself, stops in his tracks, and his mannerisms was if he picked up his left leg, looked at his watch and said " yep, i have about 5min and it will be to dark for him to shoot". Well after 5min he walked off and waited for him to leave the area.
I decided to sit the same stand the next morning. At approximately 6a i could hear two bucks sparring off in the distance. This went of about 15 min, then silence until 9a, i could hear rustling of leaves, not the same pattern sound of the squirrels and birds. A little after 9a i see a deer walki g on the same path as the 6 from night before. This deer appears to be a large 6 so i ready myself only to have the stand creek again. This deer stops in the same spot as the other did. Me excal in the semi ready position, held in the half shouldered position waiting for him to walk so i could complete the shoulder. He stepped into a clear shooting lane at 30 yards. I let the bolt fly and the grim reaper made that distinct sound of solid impact. He ran off, watching to roughly 50 yards i here one last crash. Ok time to breath, text my buddy, wait, wait and wait some more. I got down to check for bolt and blood, NOTHING. I let it be and came back and hour later. We picked up the blood trail, i remember saying some about ground shrinkage. As we followed the trail at roughly 100 yards we walked up on this beautiful animal that as grown into a fine symmetrical 8pt.
The distinct thwap, was the sound of the grim reaper shattering the upper leg bone, a rib, the heart and another rib on opposite side.
Thanks be to God for a clean harvest, i look for to sharing the story and meat with friends.

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Re: First mature buck

Post by XB I GO » Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:24 am

Great story!

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Re: First mature buck

Post by robertyb » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:25 pm

Good story but we need pics. :eusa-dance:
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Re: First mature buck

Post by IronNoggin » Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:03 pm

robertyb wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:25 pm
Good story but we need pics. :eusa-dance:

PM Sent... :D

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