Safari Club International Steps Up

Crossbow Hunting

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Safari Club International Steps Up

Post by IronNoggin » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:38 pm

A Call To Members to back up their opposition to some of the hunting restriction proposals, and support for others. Note: Anyone from anywhere can submit their opinions on these matters through SCI's program:

Safari Club International supports the follow proposed rule changes:

Removing two-day delay on special licenses
Revise mountain goat LEH season date
Harmonize coyote hunting season
Split bighorn sheep LEH opportunity into two zones
Liberalize fall turkey hunting opportunities
Close antlerless elk season in the Kootenays
Remove compulsory inspection requirement for wolf in the Kootenay region
Standardize motor vehicle for hunting closure seasons in the Cholcotin
Implement white-tailed deer antlerless LEH seasons

Safari Club International opposes the following proposed rule changes:

Scopes on Bows during Bow Only Season: The clean ethical kill of an animal is a paramount concern, as is broadening hunter access. There are many hunters who do not have the strength or ability to pull back a compound bow due to age or injury. Crossbows allow them to hunt during the bow-only season and do it ethically. This prohibition will effectively eliminate crossbows from the bow-only season and will reduce hunter participation.
Prohibition on infrared optics: Infrared optics would not be effective during legal hunting hours; however, they may be useful for tracking wounded or recently killed animals. It is recommended that infrared optics be permitted for recovering downed game and this recommendation be added as an exception to the proposed prohibition.
Weapons for Big Game Hunting: There is no evidence that using other weapons for big game hunting creates a conservation or safety concern, so there is no basis for this restriction.

Make Your Voice Heard on Proposed Hunting Regulations:

Most Definitely worth the time it takes to get your opinion in!!

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