Our Customer Guarantee

The Excalibur Guarantee gives hunters and target shooters peace of mind. At Excalibur Crossbow, we are hunters who design and build crossbows. Not only do we guarantee our products to be the most reliable and durable on the market, we continually test them in the field to assure they meet our customer’s stringent demands.

Warranty Policy and Disclaimer

Excalibur crossbows carry a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.  Warranty will be given at Excalibur’s discretion, for the lifetime of the original owner of the crossbow. Registration of your crossbow is required. If you haven’t registered your crossbow, what better time than now: REGISTER MY CROSSBOW NOW.

If you received an item with a suspected issue, please contact Excalibur customer service for a resolution.  For a quick diagnosis visit our Customer Support page on our website: CUSTOMER SUPPORT PAGE or send an email to the address listed below with a photo and explanation of the suspected fault.

All returns for warranty consideration must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number assigned. The RMA number must be indicated on the packaging or the package may be refused. RMA numbers will expire after 30 days if product has not been received within the defined timeline. To obtain an RMA number and correct address to ship your item to, please contact Customer Service at:

excaliburcrossbow.com  |  Phone: 888-689-1289  |  Email:  [email protected]

Shipping costs for sending any item to Excalibur Crossbow for warranty consideration will be the responsibility of the sender.  All shipping and handling costs for returning repaired or replaced product to the owner will be at Excalibur Crossbow’s expense.

If an expedited method is requested for returning warranted product the additional costs will be at the owner’s expense.

Excalibur Crossbow will not warrant damage as a result of misuse or abuse.  All costs associated with any repairs required to products due to the result of abuse will be the responsibility of the owner.


All modifications to any part of your Excalibur Crossbow product will be at your own risk.  Any alteration or substitution of components on an Excalibur Crossbow product will VOID warranty.


Some Excalibur Crossbow accessories may not be covered under warranty unless the failure was deemed a manufacturing defect as determined by Excalibur Crossbow.  Any products shot out of the crossbow or categorized as normal wear items, will not be covered under warranty.

Examples of typical items not covered under warranty:

  • Arrows lost or broken after being shot
  • Damaged broadheads or field points that have been shot
  • Worn string
  • Worn rope cocking aid
  • Worn stringing aid
  • Worn C2 crank cocking aid rope
  • Worn dissipator pads
  • Fasteners stripped by owner
  • Arrow inserts coming out of arrow shaft after being lodged in a target
  • Arrow fletching damaged after being shot
  • Damage to mainframe due to improper use of cocking devices
  • Worn S5/R.E.D.S. suppression pads
  • Items damaged by user abuse

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How do I Follow up on my Warranty Return?

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