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Excalibur's recurve hunting crossbows are the most reliable, durable, and trouble-free hunting crossbows on the market. Excalibur Crossbow only makes recurve limb crossbows, for good reasons. Recurve limbs are more reliable than compound limbs, meaning less maintenance and fewer problems.

Recurve limbs take the complexity out of the crossbow. They allow you to quickly change strings anywhere, and there are fewer parts to break, meaning you spend less time waiting for warranty repairs.

Recurve limb hunting crossbows are also more accurate because there's nothing to go out of tune.

Recurve... Simply Perfect.
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Crossbow Cross Examination

With more and more crossbows appearing on the market and with existing crossbow manufacturers introducing new models every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult to make an informed buying decision. So, we secured an engineer and crossbow specialist to design and conduct a series of performance tests that we call the Crossbow Cross Examination. The results may surprise you.

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We tested five popular compound crossbows against the Excalibur Matrix 380. The results may surprise you!